Tzachi conducts and manages financial investigations and inquiries in the field of accounting as well as business intelligence. In addition, Tzachi specializes in Investigative Auditing and special audits in order to expose money laundering. He specializes in financial and accounting analysis as well. Tzachi currently serves as a Major in the military reserves and has over 10 years of experience in the field of intelligence.




Roy has extensive experience in the field of economic investigations, business intelligence and in-depth background checks. He specializes in the collection, processing and analysis of information on the network (OSINT) in addition to his expertise in the use of databases for financial intelligence reports. Roy currently works as the head of an Investigative Auditing team in the field of detection and quantification of frauds.

YAniv Buchnik


Yaniv gained a unique experience in fraud and white-collar criminal investigations. In addition, Yaniv lectures in courses and seminars on Investigative Auditing in accounting studies programs of several academic institutes across the country.  Yaniv served in the Military Police as a criminal investigator.   In the reserves Yaniv operates as an advisor for investigating fraud and financial crimes in the National Fraud Investigation Unit of the Military Police Investigations Unit. He also teaches as an instructor in the Criminal Investigation Unit’s training course.

yehudah barlev


Yehudah Is one of the world’s leading experts and authorities in the field of Investigative Auditing. His expertise focuses on money laundering and sophisticated white collar crime investigations. Yehudah founded Barlev Investigative Auditing, Israel’s foremost Investigative Auditing firm. Prior to founding Barlev, Yehudah was a senior investigator in the National Fraud Investigations Division of the Israel Police, where he handled investigations of corporate and bank fraud, computer crimes, embezzlement in public institutions, illegal foreign currency transactions and other economic, “white-collar” crimes. Yehudah currently lectures at several prominent academic institutions on “white collar” crime and Investigative Auditing.